Garage Storage Your Way

Storage cabinets are, in many ways, a dream come true for the homeowner who uses the garage to store things but doesn’t want it to appear unsightly, create a hazard, or be unorganized. Which brings us to an important point: how can storage be organized in such a way that it’s both convenient and easy to maintain?

Your storage

The answer for some is to organize the garage into areas which represent their values and habits. Some garage gurus recommend putting the workbench along the back wall of the garage, for example. As many workbenches as we’ve installed, we can tell you for a fact that lighting is of utmost importance to anyone who uses a workbench. It’s not that lighting can’t be added or changed to accommodate the workbench, it’s that, for some, the natural light from the window is of the utmost importance to them.

Your needs

Your garage, your way!

Your garage, your way!

Regardless of what you need in your garage, whether it be for your landscape duties, in-garage hobbies, or sports activities, the essential thing is that things are organized according to your needs and usage. You don’t have to let the kids park their bikes next to the Mercedes just because the experts suggest it. You don’t have to make the kids park their bikes in the garage at all. Many people add a slab on the side yard behind the fence to store trash cans, bicycles, and other items which shouldn’t be in the garage.

Making a way

One of the ways people make the most out of their garage is by doing a small amount of remodeling. For example, a homeowner who wants a spare refrigerator in the garage is often discouraged from doing so because the excessive heat will create a burden on the appliance. But, the determined homeowner can build a small insulated enclosure to provide a cooler place for the garage refrigerator where the humidity can be better regulated.

Bump-out addition

Some ingenious homeowners are adding a few feet to the side of a garage by creating a deck-like platform on one side to create additional garage space. You can find out more about that here.

No one knows your family’s storage needs better than you. Garage storage in all forms adds to the organization of garage space, the quality of storage, and more comfortable use of garage area. By using it wisely, a homeowner will get more value from their garage than just a place to park the car.

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