How to Clean Epoxy Flooring

One of the things we do is install epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring is an exciting option in garage flooring. It has a beautiful shine which will last for years with a minimal amount of maintenance. Today, we’re going to talk about methods and products to keep epoxy flooring looking its best.

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Minimal cleaning

One of the best things about an epoxy floor is that it doesn’t stain. Because it is high shine, it also cleans well with just a few tools and techniques. It will need some attention because it’s flooring; tires and people’s shoes are dirty (Plus, that whole gravity thing means everything falls.) But, epoxy flooring is very easy to clean, and it stays clean for a long time.

One of the elements to caring for epoxy flooring is the relative ease of cleaning drips and spills. A spill can be wiped up quickly because they don’t penetrate the epoxy unless they’re allowed to sit, which will damage the surface. A rag or paper towel will wipe up most spills. If there is a bit of residue, a little window cleaner will take care of it. Since epoxy is cured, it isn't prone to chipping or flaking.

Regular cleaning tools

Almost everyone who cares for an epoxy floor uses a dust mop as the primary means of keeping surface dirt at bay. A big rectangular dust mop is the one used by most businesses and homeowners. If you have anti-slip texture, use a soft push broom brush. This website will tell you how to choose and use one which best suits the area. A push broom will also work.


A few times a year, the epoxy flooring should be cleaned with a wet mop. Move any clutter or items out of the way prior to beginning. Also, dust or sweep before mopping. Most people use a hard foam (sponge) or microfiber mop. The mop can be industrial or residential in size and should be rinsed frequently. A small amount (4 oz.) of ammonia or SImple Green per gallon of hot water will keep it looking its best. Do not overuse cleaning products as they can leave a residue. Use two buckets: one with the cleaning solution and one with hot rinse water. Towel dry if needed.

Special situations

Some floors may have expansion cracks or other anomalies which collect dirt which can’t be quickly picked up with the dust mop. Periodically use the hose attachment for a vacuum or a wet/dry vac in such situations. If a vacuum isn’t practical, a whisk broom will work.

These few tips are all that is necessary to maintain the epoxy surface. If you have questions, contact your epoxy installation professional. Keeping your epoxy floor clean is easy and doing so will help retain the beautiful shine and make it last for years to come.

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