Is It Time to Clean Out Your Garage Cabinets?

One of the joys of having garage cabinets and overhead storage is that it makes organization and accessibility so easy. At the same time, they can sometimes become untidy. Cleaning out the storage cabinets before the heat of summer is a wise investment in time and energy. It will leave the garage storage more organized, and it will be easier to use the contents. Here are some ideas for cleaning the garage cabinets:

A few a day


If you are fortunate enough to have epoxy coated flooring in your garage, the items inside the garage, most notably the cabinets, will not become dirty as they might with unpainted garage flooring. A benefit of this is that the homeowner is less likely to get filthy during the cleaning process. Therefore, tackling cabinet cleaning can be a gradual process. Some homeowners prefer to clean out one or two cabinets per day. Others like to set their watch and spend a certain amount of time each day.

Either way, the essential thing is that the process is a consistent one, mainly if the increments are small. Consistency will ensure the project will be completed.

Take a Saturday

Other cabinet owners like to dedicate a block of time, say, a Saturday, and dive into the project until it’s finished. One-day cleaning has the bonus of getting dirty only one time and less likelihood of getting waylaid by other things.

Family time

Some families have a knack of working together to accomplish a common goal. If this sounds like your family, working together to organize the garage cabinets can be an engaging project which will be rewarding at its completion.

Call a friend

While some people are intensely focused, others struggle with keeping on task. For people who are easily distracted, calling a friend to help can sometimes get the job done. A friend can help, advise, and keep you on task. It’s also more fun when people work together on a project.

We aren’t going to tell you what to keep or get rid of, because you know what you like. Nor are we going to ask you to declutter or get rid of things you haven’t used in a year, because we aren’t Marie Kondo. We aren’t even going to tell you how to clean out the cabinets, because you’ve been cleaning since you were a kid and probably have your thoughts on how to do it.

If you’re not fortunate to own garage cabinets, though, we may offer that you’ll be incredibly pleased with them when you decide you’ve had enough with the garage clutter and want to try something which works and which you’ll enjoy for a long time. If you’re considering getting garage cabinets, give us a call. Let’s talk.

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