Organizing the Garage

It’s finally Fall, and the weather has cooled enough to spend time in the garage without feeling like you’re standing in a burning barbecue pit. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that this is an excellent time of year to get that garage organized. So, today we’re going to examine some of the elements which help getting the garage organized.

Look at this beautiful slide system! Just one of many options.

Look at this beautiful slide system! Just one of many options.

Battling the propensity for procrastination

One of the things every homeowner will struggle with in the quest to organize the garage is the propensity for procrastination. When it’s finally sorted, there are nine sets of tent stakes because each previously procured set became elusive or unavailable during camping season.


Whether the endgame is a garage sale or space to store the new boat, plan to team up with other people to aid in the organization efforts as well as for accountability and encouragement. Plan on spending focused time working on the organization and not waste their time. It’s easy to get lost in old memorabilia and sentiment, but that’s something for after the project. When a homeowner has a willing team, keeping a firm eye on the goal is essential.

Seasonal organization

One of the best ways to organize the garage is by having things relegated to certain areas by seasonal needs. The pool gear can be put away, and the homeowner can get a bead on the Christmas holiday decorations in time for the traditional untangling/light checking after Thanksgiving dinner. A seasonal organization has the benefit of leaving the guesswork out the location of things a homeowner may need because everything is sorted by season.

Tools, projects, luggage and other types of gear can all be sorted accordingly, as well.


Just because a homeowner isn’t a prime-time hoarder doesn’t mean they don’t have a bundle of undesirables. Because sometimes having too much stuff isn’t the result of wanting to keep it as it is not knowing how to get rid of it. Here are some options for those things that may be sitting dead in the garage:

Mesa Bulk Pickup

A 4X4X8 bundle starts at $23 or $19 for an appliance. More information can be found here.

Phoenix Bulk pickup

In Phoenix, bulk pickup is available for free on a quarterly basis and is based on address. They list what they deem acceptable and when they’re coming around to collect bulk items in each neighborhood here.

Electronics drop off

Electronics can be recycled by dropping them off at a Staples. Their website explains what they take and where to take it.


Once it’s been decided what to keep and how it should be arranged, the homeowner will need the means to store it. Some homeowners find that garage door cabinets suit their needs perfectly. Others prefer overhead storage. If there is some question as to whether it would be better to get one, the other, or both, a discussion with a garage storage expert can bring great peace of mind as well as an understanding of which will be more beneficial under the circumstances.

Maybe you aren’t getting a new boat, and you haven’t lost any tent stakes, but the truth is, no one has ever lamented the fact that their garage is well organized. And now, of course, is an excellent time of year to make that happen.

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