Reasons to Add Garage Cabinets to a Rental Property

As Air BnB’s and short-term rentals become popular in the Valley and surrounding areas, more homeowners of second homes are turning to garage cabinets to solve some of the storage solutions in their rental homes.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the reasons second homeowners add garage cabinets to their short-term rental homes.



A landlord can have quite a bit of money invested in tools, cleaning products, extra bed linens, and other items for the home. These items are more secure if they’re put away than if they're left unprotected. Also, if the guests bring children or pets, for example, a landlord won’t want to have hazardous or noxious chemicals near where the children might accidentally ingest them. Garage cabinets not only provide ample storage, but they also offer the peace of mind knowing those products won’t be easily accessible to children or pets.


While a rental might be a great way to make extra money, sometimes the family of a homeowner will want to enjoy the rental home themselves and want to have their own treasures available. Maybe they enjoy curling up by the fire with Grandma’s hand-knitted afghan--something they’d never want to share with guests but want to keep with the rental.

Perhaps there are games, sports equipment, clothing, or other items they want to keep for their own use but don’t want to have to lug them from the primary home during every visit. Garage cabinets can store these items until the family wants to enjoy them.

There may also be seasonal decor items which the landlord swaps from season to season to make the home more appealing, for example, spring and fall curtains and throw pillows, which can be safely tucked away in garage cabinets where they will remain clean until they’re needed again without the inconvenience of having to store them off-property.

Aesthetic appeal

Vacationers don’t want to see the clutter and detritus from the painting project, tools, cleaning products or boxes of other items. Having them hidden away in garage cabinets dramatically enhances the orderliness of a rental property without sacrificing the garage, making it much more appealing to guests. Face it, when you go to a motel, the last thing you want to see is the rug shampooer or landscape tools. A BnB can be just as lovely without forgoing the availability of those items when they’re needed.

While a rental can require certain items to make it appealing and comfortable, none of those things need to be within the view or reach of rental guests. Adding garage cabinets to a rental property can offer the benefits of having the things the landlord wants on hand without having them accessible to guests.

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