Reasons to Buy Garage Cabinets

In the process of moving into your current home, you may have filled your garage to the brim with household possessions. It seemed fairly evident that the best way to proceed was to get everything to your new house and then sort it eventually. But, once the bed, television, kitchen table and coffee maker were up and running, sifting through your possessions and moving them into more permanent places might have seemed exhausting.


Fast forward six years. Your garage may look remarkably similar to the way it did when you moved into the house. In fact, it may look even worse because by now you’ve had to purchase painting materials, gardening tools, and a Christmas tree, along with new holiday decorations because the old decorations were lost somewhere among the boxes in the garage.

When you want the possessions in your garage to be dirt, clutter, and bug free, and still have room to park your car.

When you want the possessions in your garage to be dirt, clutter, and bug free, and still have room to park your car.

Perhaps the answer is to invest in some high quality garage cabinets. Here are some reasons to consider them:

Items are no longer lost or misplaced

Once a homeowner has a place to put their belongings, things like the tent stakes don’t get lost. Garage cabinets help to pay for themselves because a homeowner isn’t forced to repeatedly buy things he already owns but can’t find.


Clutter is a safety hazard, whether it’s on the ground and creates a tripping hazard, or it’s a pile of boxes with the potential to fall over. Not only do garage cabinets offer safety for the family, but they can also can prevent items in the garage from falling onto the garage door mechanism, creating the potential for damage to the assembly.


Once possessions are stored in cabinets, they are no longer subject to being coated with a film of exhaust, which will eventually settle on anything which is stored in a garage with a gasoline-driven car.

Bugs and other vermin don’t have easy access to items stored in garage cabinets. The secure storage means a homeowner doesn’t have to worry about moving a box and finding Mr. Rattlesnake hiding behind it.

Paint, toxic chemicals, and other noxious products in an attached garage provide the potential for pollutants to enter your home through the adjoining door. Safely stored, these products are no longer a danger to the home’s indoor air quality or within reach of curious children.

Possessions will be out of sight

Having possessions out of sight in garage cabinets creates a feeling of tranquility even in a garage which may be storing a large number of possessions. When the garage door is open, potential thieves don’t get a look at expensive tools. Nor is embarrassment at the mess in the garage an ongoing issue. Since approximately 20% of all couples have had at least one fight over the mess in their garage, garage cabinets might even be good for a homeowner’s interpersonal relationships.

Ability to park the car in the garage

25% of all Americans can’t park the car in their garage because it’s too full of other possessions. Once those possessions have a home in garage cabinets, it frees up the rest of the garage to create a place to park the car. Depending on how much a car owner paid for the vehicle and what they’re willing to spend on car washes and waxes and other means of protecting the car, this is another economic reason to have storage cabinets.

A car which is in the garage is safer than a car parked in the driveway, street, or somewhere else, as well.

Garage cabinets are an investment into your home, but the benefits make them a sound and practical value.

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