Top Ten Things Stored in the Garage

Sorry, Car. You don’t make the list of top things stored in a garage.

Sorry, Car. You don’t make the list of top things stored in a garage.

Garages were initially intended to be a protected place to hold the car. But, without garage storage solutions, most people no longer use the garage to store their vehicle. They have too many possessions stored in it. The car, easily the largest item stored in the garage, is the first thing to go when the garage gets too full! Competition is fierce from some of the top contenders for that valuable garage real estate:

Yard tools

Brooms, rakes, hoes, pruners, and more are part and parcel of homeownership. These tools are in everyone’s garage, even those who hire a landscaping service to maintain their property. 


Because we live in a climate where it rarely freezes, the washer and dryer connections are sometimes put in the attached garage as a way of saving square footage in the home. In the winter, it isn’t unpleasant. In the summer, it’s harsh unless the garage has climate control.

Sporting goods

Tennis rackets, bicycles, camping equipment, and even RV’s and fishing boats will find their way into the garage. Some families go so far as to add a pool table or ping pong table to their garage decor.


Pool toys, the slip and slide, and the giant dollhouse Grandma bought last Christmas are all contenders for space in the garage. But, toy storage isn’t just limited to outdoor toys. Children shuffle through toy phases very quickly, but well-meaning parents aren’t so quick to discard those old toys because some of them cost quite a bit of money and they’re still in good shape. Almost every home with kids has toys in the garage, old or new.



A home workshop is a wildly popular use of the garage since tools are another facet of homeownership, and where else does one store an air compressor and nail gun?

Craft supplies

Pinterest has sparked the creative bug in a whole lot of Americans, but where does one store those extra knitting needles, thread, and paintbrushes? The garage!

Old files

We love our papers and, there are very few homeowners who don’t save any paper. But, most families want those old tax returns and bank statements out of the house.

Gym equipment

From the kettlebell to the weight bench, gym equipment seems to find its way into the garage eventually. Some people deliberately set up a home gym in their garage because it’s so handy.

Car supplies

From the EVSE charger to that extra spare tire, car supplies and tools naturally wind up in the garage--even if the car doesn’t.

Household goods

Household goods range from the meat smoker to the holiday lights and ornaments. Although they’re things we want, they aren’t necessarily things we want to be tripping over in the house.

If tripping over things isn’t your style, but you could relate to several items on our list, garage storage cabinets may be the answer. Garage cabinets and racks offer a place to store a vast number of items. Storage cabinets free up garage space for the things a homeowner wants to use and enjoy, and they do so in an attractive manner.

If your garage seems cluttered, messy, or unsafe, you are not alone. But we can help! Call and schedule an appointment to find out more about how garage cabinets and racks can help you reclaim your garage space.

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